Gnorman Fizzlewig

A Tinker Gnome Rogue with a sense of adventure.


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Gnorman Fizzlewig was born and raised in Coghollow—a bustling, rumbling, steaming Tinker Gnome metropolis. The last survivor of three children—his elder brother and sister died in gnomeflinger and workshop accidents respectively —he has become somewhat cautious by Tinker standards. However, his natural curiosity and a sense of adventure often get the best of him.

When he reached adulthood, Gnorman joined the Defense Guild, taking advantage of his talents with locks and traps. At 65 years of age, Gnorman took part in the overhaul of Coghollow’s mechanical defenses. At 67 he designed a lock for the vault of Coghollow’s largest safehold. Three weeks later, it was replaced by another, better lock; then another two weeks after that. He continued his endeavors until he turned 74 when he decided to move away from Coghollow, falling victim to his natural curiosities.

For several years, Gnorman moved from city to city, living anywhere citizens didn’t force him to flee due to various tinkering mishaps. Often times, he got work as an apprentice locksmith, once again taking advantage of his natural talents. Hard times called for drastic measures though. From time-to-time Gnorman resorted to burgling and pick pocketing. He quickly discovered he wasn’t particularly good at either of them. He once had to talk his way out of being turned over to the guards when a wealthy merchant caught the Gnome rummaging through his house. In exchange for his freedom, Gnorman agreed to upgrade the merchant’s security systems, from the locks on the doors to adding a few traps to catch any future would-be thieves. Now he only steals when necessity calls for it, or the potential reward is too great to disregard.

During his travels, Gnorman found that there was a demand for his skills among groups of adventurers, scholars, and investigators. He has met many people at various gathering spots in need of an expert on locks and traps—both setting and disarming. Gnorman funded his city hopping using these skills.


Gnorman is roughly 3 1/2 feet tall. He has light brown skin, which causes his bright blue eyes to be even more pronounced. Spiky, white hair covers the top of his slightly large – for a gnome, anyway – head. Below his bulbous nose, the two branches of his dangling mustache frame his mouth. A small, pointy beard sprouts from his cleft chin.

His attire is often a hodge podge of clothing gathered from his travels. Typically, his clothing is made primarily of leather, for its durabilty and protection. The knees of his pants are often patched, as are the elbows of his sleeves. Both are snug, but not form-fitting, allowing freedom of movement without being too baggy. He often wears a waist apron, stained black from grease and oil. It has several pockets and pouches to place items for at-hand use. A workbelt with a large front pocket and various places for tools and weapons is wrapped around his waist. When adventuring in dangerous territory, an x-shaped bandolier crosses his chest and hold extra bolts for his hand crossbow. Unless it’s too hot, he wears a hooded-cloak, keeping the hood down.

Gnorman has a generally good attitude. He’s often quiet and softspoken around strangers, except fellow Tinkers whom he will talk to at length. Above all, he is a loyal friend and companion once one gains his trust. He’s far from the typical conniving thief and is a generally honest Gnome, unless the situation calls for dishonesty. Occasionally his good sense of humor will rear its head. He’ll ask, as seriously as possible, "Is that a short joke?" or a variation thereof if the opportunity arises.

Gnorman Fizzlewig

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