The House of Cards

We meet our adventurers once again, this time in the Free City of Greyhawk. The boat that was awarded to them on Intook Island has proven to be a reliable vessel, as the heroes arrived to Greyhawk Port behind the Outward Bound with little difficulty. After relaxing in local hotels for about a week, Ren Fitsparaleen urges the group to meet him at the House of Cards, a gambling den. He wants to reward the group for his rescue, and perhaps, offer them another mission to take. The House of Cards is a popular casino. Owned by Berrun Nasdulf, staffed by thieves guild members, and enforced by half-orc Runt Stotpan, the den is not a place to act foolish. All major races are represented in this establishment. The House is actually one very large room, filled with a bar, a stage for entertainers, and plenty of card, wheel, and dice games. All of the heroes, with the exception of Raena, head to the House of Cards. Instead of the casino, Raena spends time in her local temple. It is during this time that the head of the temple grants Raena with many healing potions and a scroll to resurrect a fallen ally. Father Rando of Hanali Celanil senses that Raena is going to be drawn into an epic battle and must be well prepared. On the porch of the House of Cards, a small man approached the group and tried to sell them a Luck Ring of the Wild Coast, but the group didn’t like the offer. After the suspicious individual tried to pick Flintlock’s pocket (unsuccessfully), the companions forced the would-be thief to hand the ring over. The shady individual turned and ran for his life. The companions enjoyed the gambling den, and the new ring proved useful. Ren gave each hero five thousand gold pieces and convinced the staff to up the playing stakes. With no cap on the betting, all of the heroes except for Lonewolf came out ahead. Lonewolf, frantically betting, lost all of his money, and even considered betting the ninja-to on his back. This display got a lot of attention, and was probably a mistake on Lonewolf’s part, as the Purple Dragon Clan would eventually catch wind of his whereabouts. The biggest winner was probably Gnorman, who was very lucky at the Dragon Cards table, the most popular game in the den.

At the end of the evening, Ren presented the group with the second part of their reward. Each companion made an item request, as Ren asked them to. New rewarded items are as follows: Flintlock: arquebus of accuracy (+4) Raena: Robe of the Healer (free casting of heal spells 3x daily) Gnorman: Boots of Elvenkind (provides nearly silent movement) Nel: Darts of Paralyzation / Death Magic (+2, 25% chance of paralysis, 5% chance of death) Lonewolf: Upgraded katana-Heat (+2, +3 vs. Purple Dragon Clan, emits heat when wielder’s life is threatened) Flintlock received training with the arquebus while in Greyhawk, even learning to fire from horseback. Nel learned how to create her own paralysis poison. Lonewolf used the severed tattoo of a Clan member as a material component for Heat’s enchantment.

*if anyone thinks of something I missed here let me know

The Outward Bound

Our first night of gaming found our heroes on board “The Outward Bound,” a luxury/cruise/commuter ship on an ocean in a tropical clime. Each hero was on board this ship for their own personal reasons. The heroes, and their class and objectives are as follows:

Robert “Lonewolf” Johnson: a ninja in exile…he is a wanted man for treachery against his clan. His goal in life is to completely wipe out his former clan, and start a new one. Reason on ship: returning to Greyhawk after “laying low” and honing his skills abroad so that he can return to destroy his enemies while they least expect it. Player: Ryan.

Flintlock Jenkins: a ranger and specialized Mountain Man…he lives alone in the mountains, but is fully capable of taking care of himself. He is a hunter, furrier, trapper, bowyer, and has an incredible knack for working with animals. He is fascinated by the hunt, and weapons that use the mysterious black powder. Reason on ship: searching the world for “the big hunt.” Player: Josh

Gnorman Fizzlewig: a gnome who makes a living as a locksmith…but locks are only part of Gnorman’s passion. This gnome loves tinkering (of course!), and would love to open his own workshop one day. Even though Gnorman is highly skilled in a manner that represents a thief, he doesn’t practice much thievery. Instead, his skills make him an excellent adventurer, a fellow that can go where few others can and live to tell about it. Reason on ship: on contract, repairing a broken safe. Player: Jeff

Raena Mistwalker: a half-elven priestess who worships Hanali Celanil, and Sune, while in elven lands. This half elf can often be found in robes of blue. She is a cleric that believes that there is no stronger power than love. She has been on the Outward Bound before, and in one legendary battle, took down a necromancer that was summoning sea zombies to attack the ship. Reason on ship: due to her battle and victory over Zadzarad, the necromancer, she is given free passage for life aboard the vessel, and uses the ship to travel while doing missionary work. Player: Whitney

Nel Abdore: a fierce, half-elven warrior, considered a “savage” by mainland terms. Nel comes from a primitive tribe on a distant continant, but adapts well to other cultures. Her skill with a spear is unmatched, and when in combat she strikes quickly and deadly. Nel’s family are the rulers of the tribe, and someday she will take the throne as queen. Reason on ship: the tribe’s land is under constant attack by neighboring orcs, and to make matters worse, a draught has brought devestation to the crops and land. Nel is on a journey to find a new land for her people to settle. Player: Carissa

While on board the ship, the heroes are approached individually by a woman named Bella, and her brothers: Tethus, Stront, and Torok. Bella wears a blue cotton dress, her brothers matching green shirts and brown trousers. All four have a black carrying bag over their shoulders, that they do not part with. While drinking, fishing, and generally enjoying the luxuries of the ship, the five heroes are asked by the siblings to aid them in a journey. Eventually, for reasons of their own, they all agree. Gnorman, while fixing a safe, finds the order to find the missing Ren Fitsparaleen or Ren O’the Star, head of the trader’s guild of Greyhawk, which gives an explanation for why the Outward Bound is stopping into the resort-like Intook Island, when the ship rarely makes stops for provisions.

Bella’s mission is simple sounding in theory. She wishes help finding family heirlooms lost in a shipwreck. Apparently, the wrecked ship is partially onshore on an island about a half mile off of Intook. The ship, she says, also contains captured pirate treasure that the heroes may have as their reward. Upon arrival at Intook, they are told that only a fool would go near that island, as the men who have returned from there come back drooling idiots, and the women never return. Now we know why Bella and Co. couldn’t do this alone. Finally, the heroes, Bella, and her brothers rent a small boat to take to the island. Ned, a fisherman, doubts the heroes’ abilities, and says he will give them a boat of their own if they destroy whatever evil lives there. Ned’s son, Sam, is one of the “drooling idiots,” a tragedy because Sam was on the rise to be a great politician and military leader. Upon arrival on the small island, it takes little time for the heroes to find the wrecked ship. As the heroes approach the ship, they hear a beautiful singing coming from the jungle, and can almost feel a desire to go to the source of the music. Lonewolf, getting impatient, performs an incredible acrobatic display with the intention of somersaulting into a large hole in the side of the wrecked ship. Immediately, he is thrown back and toward the jungle. The hole was magically enchanted with a force field that propels any who try to enter into the jungle. Lonewolf was then helpless to the effects of the musical enchantment, and began walking mindlessly to the source. Flintlock, Gnorman, and Nel decide to follow Lonewolf, while Raena stayed on the shore to watch their backs, which proved to be a wise decision. Bella and her brothers follow the heroes in the jungle, and now their true intentions are known. They wished to use the adventurers to destroy the island threat, then kill the heroes and take whatever treasure they discovered. They are all thieves, and their packs contained weapons and thieving equipment. Raena and Nel kill the thieves with ease. Meanwhile, Lonewolf has entered the home of the island threat. She is a beautiful, evil sirine named Lila. Flintlock watches from the bushes, as Gnorman tries to cut the sirine’s tent with his knife from the rear. The tent’s material would not cut, and its magical properties are exposed. Luckily, Lonewolf’s curse in this case was a blessing. Suffering from a delusional flashback, he breaks free of the sirine’s charm. Finally, all of the heroes, excepting Raena who is watching the beach for further threat, enter Lila’s tent and do battle. Not only was Lila a sirine, but a sorceress as well! Her use of magic and shocking burst short sword gave our heroes quite a fight, but they came out on top. After slaying the sirine, the heroes examine the tent and its contents. There was a large bed, a dresser, a large chest, and a very ornate carpet on the floor (yes, floor!). Much treasure was discovered here, such as: platinum bars, gold, sapphires, an enchanted evening gown, magical swords, the tent itself, and a magical carpet. Flintlock discovered a secret compartment under the carpet containing a prisoner, Lila’s latest love slave. It is none other than Ren Fitsparaleen, leader of the Trader’s Guild of the Free City of Greyhawk! The half-elven Ren tells the heroes that if they all get to Greyhawk, they will be rewarded handsomely for his rescue, and perhaps he could hire this group to take on a mission or two in the future. He also tells them that the tent is enchanted, and is an instant, magical home on the road. The heroes return to the island resort where Sam has been completely cured of his dimwittedness, and Ned keeps his word and gives the boat to the heroes. The Outward Bound continues its journey to Greyhawk Port, and the heroes follow in their new boat. They arrive in Greyhawk three weeks later, as the rest of the sea voyage was uneventful.

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